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Almost 7 1/2 inches made with a 18k gold plated clasp.

Yellow opal is a lovely gemstone with its own set of benefits. It is said to promote positive energy, creativity, and self-expression. Yellow opal can help boost confidence, optimism, and inner peace. It's also associated with emotional healing and balancing emotions.

Green jade is a beautiful gemstone with many benefits! It is believed to bring good luck, harmony, and balance. Green jade is also associated with abundance, prosperity, and emotional healing. It's a stone that can help you feel grounded and connected to nature.

Combining yellow opal with green jade can create a beautiful synergy of positive energy, creativity, and emotional healing. Yellow opal is known for promoting self-expression and optimism, while green jade brings luck, harmony, and balance. Together, they may enhance these qualities and help you feel grounded and connected to your emotions. It's like a vibrant blend of energies!

Yellow opal and green jade bracelet

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