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Welcome, my name is Raylene I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. I’m a successful Astrologer /medium here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here to help you find your way forward.

From a young age I realized I was different unsure of how to identify with my unique skill of being different, it wasn't until adulthood that I realized I had the ability to connect with the beyond with a gift that enabled me to see and sense things others could not. over time I learned how develop my abilities and share them with people I'd love to do the same for you as I have for others. 

With love and light 


Please note:

I do not record any of the sessions.

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About Me

A Unique Astrologer

Hi My name is Raylene,I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy. Since 2015, I have been harnessing divine energy for my clients, providing them with unparalleled divine guidance. I am pleased to do the same for you. 

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"